Music is good for us, especially kids. Singing and playing music makes us smarter, happier and healthier. It also makes the world a better place so we should all make music.

Everything you need to sing and play music together with your kids is here. Inside you will find lyrics, chords, video lessons and more with most of it absolutely free!

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3 blind mice lyrics/ easy guitar chords/ easy ukulele chords
3 little birds lyrics/ easy guitar chords/ easy ukulele chords
5 little ducks lyrics
5 little speckled frogs lyrics/ easy guitar chords
5 little monkeys lyrics/ chords
5 little sausages  lyrics
ABC song– lyrics/ chords/
Aiken Drum– lyrics/ easy guitar chords
All around the kitchen
All I want is you– Lyrics/ easy guitar chords (From the movie Juno)
All the pretty horses
All through the night
All you need is love
Ants go marching lyrics/ chords / Youtube video guitar lesson
Are you sleeping?- lyrics/ easy chords
Arkansas traveler
Ba Ba Black Sheep lyrics/ chords
Baby Beluga– Lyrics/ chords
Baby bumble bee– lyrics/ chords
Baby your mine
Banana boat song– lyrics/ chords
Barnyard dance
Bicycle built for two lyrics/ chords
Bingo– Lyrics/ chords
Big rock candy mt. – lyrics/ chords
Blow the man down-
Brahms lullaby
Brother John– lyrics/ easy chords
By the rivers of Babylon
By baby bunting
C is for cookie
Camp town ladies
Candy man
Casey Jones
Christmas songs- 30+ classics here on the Christmas songs page
Circle of the sun
Clementine – Lyrics/ Easy guitar chords/ Easy ukulele chords
Crawdad song– lyrics/ chords
De Colores- Lyrics/ chords
Do a dear
Don Gato
Don’t worry, be happy- Lyrics/ chords
Elephant song
Fishing blues
Freight train
Farmer in the dell– Lyrics/ easy chords
Frog went a courtin’- lyrics/ easy chords
Good ship lollypop
Goin’ to the zoo
Got no strings
Green corn– Lyrics and chords
Guantanamara- Lyrics and chords
Happy Birthday- Lyrics and chords
Happy Birthday (alternate version)
Head shoulders knees and toes
Here comes Peter Cottontail-
Hey Bo Diddley
Hi ho- Hi ho
Hokey Pokey
Hole in the bottom of the sea
Home on the range lyrics/ chords / Youtube video guitar lesson
I knew an old woman who swallowed a fly
I Wanna Be Like You (Monkey Song Jungle Book)- Lyrics and int chords
Iko Iko
If you’re happy and you know it lyrics/ chords
I’ll tell me ma – lyrics- basic guitar chords-
I’m a little teapot– lyrics/ chords
Itsy bitsy spider lyrics/ easy chords
It’s Raining it’s pouring
I’ve been working on the railroad– Lyrics and chords
Jimmy crack corn
John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt
Jump in the line– lyrics and chords
Keep on the sunny side
King kong kitchie ki-me-o
Kookaburra– lyrics and chords
Ladybug picnic– Lyrics and chords
Little Liza Jane
Little Johnny Brown
Little white duck– lyrics and chords
Loch Lomond
Los Pollitos- Lyrics/ easy chords
London bridge  lyrics/ easy chords/  You tube video guitar lesson
Mail myself to you– Lyrics and easy guitar chords
Maria Lovoe-
Mary had a little lamb lyrics/ easy chords
Michael Finnigan
My Bonnie lies over the ocean
Molly Malone- lyrics/ easy guitar and ukulele chords
Mr. Sun
Octopus’s garden– lyrics and intermediate chords
Old Joe Clark
Oh Susanna lyrics/ easy chords
Om kay ere hay
One meatball
On top of old smokey
On top of spaghetti– lyrics and chords
Old King Cole
Old MacDonald – lyrics/ Easy guitar chords/ Key of G chords
Pay me my money down
Puff the magic dragon– lyrics/ chords
Polly Wolly doodle
Popcorn poppin’ on the apricot tree
Rattlin’ bog– Lyrics and easy guitar chords
Ring around the Rosie – Lyrics/ easy guitar chords/ easy ukulele chords
Riding in my car– Lyrics/ easy guitar chords
Riddle song
Row, row, row your boat lyrics/ easy chords
Rock a bye baby
Rubber ducky
Seasame St.
She’ll be coming round the mountain– Lyrics/chords
Sidewalks of New York-
Sing – Lyrics/ chords/
Smokey the Bear– Lyrics/ chords
Soldier’s joy
Somewhere over the rainbow
Spongebob Squarepants- Lyrics and easy chords
Sunny side of the street
Swam all over the dam
Take me out to the ballgame lyrics/ chords
Tale of the three pigs– words and chords
Teddy bear’s picnic– lyrics/ chords
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
They all asked for you– Lyrics/ chords
The fox- lyrics/ easy guitar chords
The bear went over the mountain
The green grass grew all around– lyrics/ chords
The more we get together– lyrics/ chords
This land is your land– lyrics and easy guitar chords
This little light of mine- lyrics and guitar chords,  You tube video guitar lesson
This old man- lyrics and guitar chords
Toe Knee Chest nut
Turkey in the straw
Twinkle Twinkle lyrics/ easy guitar chords/ easy ukulele chords
Under the sea
Unicorn song
Waltzing Matilda  lyrics/ chords
What a wonderful world
What kind of cat are you?
When the saints go marching in– Lyrics and easy guitar chords
When you’re smiling
When you wish upon a star
Wild mountain thyme– lyrics and easy guitar chords
Willy the whale
Wheels on the bus lyrics/ Easy guitar chords/ Easy ukulele chords
Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
Yankee Doodle
Yellow submarine
Yo-Ho!(a pirates life for me)- Lyrics and intermediate chords
You are my sunshine-  lyrics/ Easy guitar chords/ Easy ukulele chords
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah- Lyrics